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An Expedition to Lago Lodge offers the opportunity to witness one of the world's great equitorial ecosystems.Less than four degrees south of the equator, you'll be in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle!

Manaus is the major metropolitan region and capital of the State of Amazonas, home to 1.7 million people.

From Manaus, Lago Lodge is accessible via overwaterway or combination overland route, depending on the season. Transportaion from Manaus is included in our cost.

Satellite image of Lago Lodge on the southern shore of Lake Mamori

Experience the Amazon as you journey to
Lago Lodge !

The Climate of the Amazon is tropical, lots of rain and high humidity. The seasons are relatively static, with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At night, the temperature falls dramatically to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Heavy rainfall occurs at short durations of time and accumulates to about 300 cm per year. January through April is the wettest season, while June through November are the dry months. One of the prominent features of this area is the difference between the temperature during the day and during the night is greater than that of the difference between the seasons.

The Amazon Rainforest consists four layers and each layer has its unique ecosystem and plants and animals are adapted to that. The tallest layer is called the emergent layer, which has trees of approximately 200 feet in height. The other layer is canopy which has smooth oval leaves and have pointed drip tip. This makes the flow of water easy and preventing the growth of moss and fungi. The layer below the canopy layer is able to get only 5 per cent of sunlight and plants of this layer are uniquely adapted to survive in the shadowy layer. The lowest layer is the forest floor and is almost without any plant. Only 2 per cent of sunlight reaches here.

We recommend that travelers to Lago Lodge bring a hat, sunglasses, sun screen and insect repellent. A flashlight is also reommended for night walks and night viewing of nocturnal animals.

Any of these items can be supplied by Lago Lodge upon request. A swim suit, long and short pants are also recommended. An umbrella is useful for sun and rain protection. Supplies for each trip are usually acquired the day before travel.

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Manaus, Brazil

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